• 1973-74

    He works with the International Centre of graphics in Venice.
    He participates in two exhibitions with engravings, etchings and xilographs.

  • 1977

    He goes to Istanbul, where he buies the text-book “Turk sanatinda ebru” (Ebru in Turkish art). After having it translated he studies it.
    The workshop in San Samuele has been opened.

  • 1978

    He returns to Turkey where he meets the master of ebru Mustafa Duzgunman.
    He participate to the National Artisans exhibition in Florence at “Fortezza da Basso”.

  • 1979-80

    He perfects the marbling technique.
    First experiments with three-dimensional objects.
    The ebru-flowers collection is launched. He begins to research into application of marbling technique to silks.

  • 1980

    A picture of Alberto Valese with one of his papers appeares in the volume “Le monde du papier peint “- (Paris 1980), in the section dedicated to marbled paper.

  • 1981-82

    Another shop is opened near “Teatro La Fenice” in Venice.
    He produces decorated paper for hand-printed editions.
    In cooperation with theatrical costumiers, he manufactures fabrics for stage costumes for Turandot.
    The stage-designer Lele Luzzati works with Valese’s papers for set-designs and cartoons.
    He cooperates with Venetian and Italians artists in the production of fabrics for exclusive interior designs.
    He creates objects with classical shape, with fluorescent decorations and colours in a post-modern style.

  • 1983

    He partecipates to the exhibition Partecipa ” Genius of Venice” at the “Royal Academy” of London.

  • 1985

    He designs and produces two collection of jewellery in marbled wood, silk, and silver for a Canadian jeweller.

  • 1987

    In occasion of the exhibition “Arcimboldi”, organized by “Palazzo Grassi” in Venice, he creates the “Bibliotecario”, inspired by the same named G.Arcimboldo.
    He introduces his creation in the “Akademie der Bilden Kunste” of Wien, on occasion of the “Prasentation des Jahreskalenders 1988” of Leikam.

  • 1988

    Personal exhibition of “Fishes and flowers in ebru” at “La Zucca”Restaurant in Venice.
    He introduced, in New York a collection of objects and papers created for the new image for the natural cosmetics produced by Revlon – USA .

  • 1989

    He exhibits three decorated paper with flowered- ebru at “Peregrine Arts” in Santa Fé, New Mexico – USA and give them to the “Museum of Marbling” as a present.

  • 1990

    May 6th – 24th : Personal exhibition of the original ebru collection: flowers, fishes, birds and trees, and also stationary, objects and silk fabrics at the “Sadberg Hanim Muzesi ” of Istanbul.
    He has been recognized as an ebru-master by the Turkish collectors.
    He starts a partnership with the Turkish Company ” KA BA Arm. Ltd”., in Ankara (Tuna cad. 25 – Aysun apt. 11 – Yenisheir 0610).
    He goes on with the projects of new papers for “Revlon”.

  • 1991

    February : demonstration and sale at “Pringtemps” – Paris – for “Italie exposition”.

  • 1992

    Giugno. Stage in Austria October. Stage in Campobasso .

  • 1993

    August. He partecipates at the exposition ” Leone d’Oro, mezza luna d’argento”in Florence, Villa Pasola.

  • 1994

    Decembre. Personale exhibition ” I cerchi sull’acqua” presso la Legatoria Artistica & Altro a Milano, Via Palermo 5.

  • 1996

    Pubblication on “De la Dominoterie à la Marbrure”. di M.A. Doizy ed. Art. & Metiers du Livre: a very important book regarding the history and paper techniques.

  • 1997

    Stage on different paper decoration and techniques: marble, wood block printing and paste paper.

  • 1997-98

    Stages of demonstrations in Schongau – Germany at the “Historischer Kunsthandwerker und Stoffmarkt”.

  • 1999

    Stage of marbling for the “Teatrio stage d’illustrazione” in Venice at the Istituto Artigianelli. -Workshop at the Columbia College Centre for Book and Paper in Chicago.
    Exibition and exposition at the Chicago Cultural Centre.

  • December 2000

    Opening shop in Paris 42 rue St. Paul 75004.

  • June 2001

    Stage of marbling at Okhra Roussillon Provenza Francia.

  • September 2003

    Exhibition “Le mille e una notte” Villa Zecchini” Caerano San Marco-Tv.
    Francesca Boninsegna with Martina Zimbelli publish a thesis on the work of Alberto Valese.

  • 2004

    Realization of object for writing for the Villa Feltrinelli Hotel
    Realization of sheets Suminagashi for the Biblioteca Marciana in Venice.
    Review on: ” Art&Metier du Livre”

  • 2005

    Began a collaboration that will continue over the year with the photographer Gianni Pasinato and Sibille Pino
    Collaborates with the artist Bruno Gripari.
    Prepare marble tissue for Lynn Carter .

  • April 2006

    Realization of object for writing for Hotel Monte Castello Monte Castello Firenze.

  • May 2006

    Espone con il maestro turci Nedim Somnez al museo çiçekler di Konya.
    Per HP computer realizza serie di cartelline e album fotografici.

  • September 2006

    Exhibit with Nedim Somnez at the çiçekler Museum of Konya.
    For HP computer produced series of folders and photo album.
    Presentation of the collection lightstones, paper becomes stones and necklaces.
    Prepare specific ebru decoration for two volumes for the master bookbinder Fabrizio Bertoletti . Wins the first prize of the VIII and IX edition of Biennal World Bindings art.

  • Spring 2007

    Delivery 600sheets for the collection Paolo Tirelli.
    In June, he joined with Matteo Corvino studio supplies accessories for events.

  • October 2007

    “La leggerezza del marmo” personal at he Biblioteca Salita dei Frati a Lugano.

  • 2008

    With the best international marbled, at traveling exhibition “Album Amicorum”.
    Presents the collection of Swinging Palces of the Mind in the collective memory of Art in Venice.
    Delivery 130 sheets to provide “Ing.Paolo Tirelli’s Library ” with a collection of different drawings: flowers, fishes, trees and birds.
    Published in the new Extraordinary Venetian Venice Guide.

  • 2009

    Collaborates with Fabrizio Bertoletti for the competition in Quebec Relieu Comme Yamais.
    Stages for students of Maryland Institute College of Art Baltimore.
    Review on: “Mercedes Magazine”

  • September 2010

    Prouction of 72 boxes for the Axel Veervoordt’s collection

  • 2009-2011-2012

    Collaborates with the bookbinder Sibille Pino

  • 2009-2011-2012

    Collaborates with the bookbinderFabrizio Bortoletti

  • 2012

    Review with photo on “Touring Magazine”
    Presentation of two Ebru sheets at Izmir “Ege Unversitesi Reiltorlugu” for “Nedim Sonmez” Museum
    Group exhibit”Album Amicorum” at Istanbul “Dolmabahce Palace Gallery”.
    He is present at the initiative dedicated of the best craft activities of Confartigianato

  • May 2016

    A large selection of his works are presented at the 6th international Ebru congress in Istanbul: invited as one of the most representative marbled paper artist, mr valese has been awarded with several acknowledgements for his traditional as well as th original works.

  • June 2016

    Suminagashi papers collection for minä perhonen shops.

  • December 2016

    Solo-show “Oscillanti luoghi delle mente – fluctuating places of the mind”, Artism3160 Gallery, Venice.

  • March 2019

    Show “Colori fluttuanti”. Castello del Buonconsiglio, Trento.