Fabriano Ingres paper 80 gr. | cm 50 × 70

Perfect the subjects of the cards that resemble the Venetian palaces (Cà d’Oro, Cà Dario, Palazzo Ducale). Beautiful subjects taken from the oldest Remondini tradition with its sunflowers, masks, Casanova, the lion of San Marco, the grapes, the beehive and the crossroads.

The color is obtained through a mixture of vegetable glue, rice starch and water-soluble pigments.
The glue serves as a medium for the color, while the rice starch (cooked in a bain-marie) gives transparency and, therefore, a more mellow and material effect.
The molds used to make the drawings can be of various types: wood, linoleum, rubber or metal.

Until the end of the eighteenth century this paper was printed in Bassano del Grappa by the Remondini company; subsequently the company moved to Varese and, even today, this type of cards are called Remondini or Varese.

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